What is EMPATHY?

Given it’s the name of the series, exploring exactly what EMPATHY is figures among the most crucial bits of context we’ll need to move forward with this blog. So what is EMPATHY, exactly?

Imagine a world where the portal to this site wasn’t held in your hands or resting on your lap or desktop. Imagine a world where, with a simple thought, you could arrive at this post and read it directly in your mind.

As an internet-access brain implant, that’s precisely the opportunity EMPATHY represents.

Your favorite sites, social media, your friends, family, cat memes, news and entertainment—all of it would be merely a thought away. Not only that, but your very memories and the sensations of the experiences themselves could be stored losslessly, revisited or shared with others at any time.

Granted, this technology isn’t novel, at least not in the world of fiction. But rather than explore what technology similar to EMPATHY might look like once deeply embedded in society, the first book in the series, Imminent Dawn, examines the world as it exists during the first round of human trials for the EMPATHY nanochip. In so doing, the characters in the series—and ergo, the reader—-must confront head on the cataclysmic change it intends to introduce into every level of society, assuming the human trials prove successful.

What might EMPATHY mean for one’s personal identity? What might it mean to the dynamics of a family? How might the political structure of the world change to accommodate it, if at all? How could—or should—equal access to it be guaranteed regardless of socioeconomic status?

How far might one go to ensure its success? Its failure?

As these questions and more play themselves out, the series’ characters—who I promise we’ll meet in future posts—are left fighting for their own truths in a world increasingly desperate for this Electronic Mechanism Purposed for the Achievement of a Truly Hybrid Yield.

Want to know more about EMPATHY? Stay tuned to this blog, my Twitter feed, and my newsletter for more. Thanks for visiting.

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