Update: EMPATHY Book Two (Mourning Dove)

The second book in the EMPATHY series is now complete.

Well, its first draft is, anyway.

In fairness, this is actually my third pass at getting the story down pat, but it’s the first draft that will actually be shared with anyone for feedback before it’s sent to my publisher for evaluation.

So who gets to read these early drafts? Beta readers, of course.

For the unfamiliar, beta readers are, as the name implies, readers of beta versions of manuscripts. These readers also tend to be writers in the same genre that can provide insight others might not have the background to provide.

The in enlisting beta readers is to get actual reader impressions regarding the general direction of the book so that any glaring errors or inconsistencies can be flagged and corrected for before the manuscript is turned over to industry gatekeepers or decision-makers.

With the first serviceable draft for Mourning Dove now complete, I’ll be taking a few weeks off from the EMPATHY series before I begin distilling my notes for the series’ third book, Event Horizon!

Until that process begins, I’ll be revisiting the manuscript for a sci-fi romance I wrote earlier this year that’s tentatively called When the Stars Conspire. Though this book exists outside the EMPATHY series, working on it will keep me in the general realm of sci-fi while also giving me the break I’ll need before I tackle the most ambitious novel in the EMPATHY series to date.

So when will you be able to read the first two books in the series? Imminent Dawn is still slated for a January 2019 release, and Mourning Dove should follow only a few months later in April. This far out those timelines could still change, so stay tuned to this blog or our EMPATHY newsletter for the most up-to-date information.

Thanks for reading.

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