September Update – The EMPATHY Series

We’re four months away from the release of book one in the EMPATHY seriesEMPATHY: Imminent Dawn. With its debut looming, one might think the author’s CPU is dedicated to the book and its sequels twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Oddly enough, that’d be incorrect.

As autumn’s chill sets in over Wisconsin, a chill, too, descends upon work on the EMPATHY series, at least for a time.

Never fear, though—EMPATHY isn’t going away. In fact, this month I’ll have my first round of meetings with beta readers for book two in the series, EMPATHY: Mourning Dove. Then, likely beginning in October or November, work will resume on book three, EMPATHY: Event Horizon.

As I wrote about recently on my author blog, it was necessary to take a break from all things writing primarily for personal reasons, but for professional ones, too. After the break, I’ve felt a jolt of rejuvenation, which I’m using to work on a few new books outside the EMPATHY series and tackle the upcoming release of my romantic suspense about a porn-star-turned-accountant.

Once that book has debuted and the early drafts of those other manuscripts have been written, I’ll be ready to return to EMPATHY with more zeal than ever, just in time for the debut of Imminent Dawn in January 2019.

Be prepared when a new day breaks in January 2019. Stay tuned to this blog, my Twitter feed, and my newsletter for more. Thanks for visiting.


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