EMPATHY: Mourning Dove – The Feedback Rolls In

With EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn slated for release three months from now, it might seem nonsensical to focus on its sequel, EMPATHY: Mourning Dove. As of this post, however, the second book in the series is scheduled for release in April 2019, which means collecting feedback on it from beta readers is very much in play.

So what are beta readers and critique partners saying?

Warning: there might be suggestions of spoilers ahead…

  • one reader says he was “enthralled,” adding the book creates a “believable corporate media landscape”
  • another remarks they feel this book offers even more insight into character than the first book in the series
  • new characters and old are “immediately likable” per one reader’s analysis
  • after reading all of Mourning Dove, one reader remarked they could “go confidently into the third book” knowing the author’s “got it”

All of this might seem like low praise, but keep in mind these are the folks whose job it is to identify inconsistencies and generally provide constructive criticism.

So with all of that excitement surrounding book two (and beyond!), one might think it’s ready to hit the presses. In my opinion, however, there are certainly some scenes, chapters, and characters that requiring tightening, a process that I’m sure will continue throughout 2018 and into early 2019.

And before Mourning Dove hits bookshelves and e-readers everywhere, there’ll of course be the release of book one in the series, EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn in January 2019.

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