EMPATHY Series: November Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve done an explicit, thorough update on where each book in the series stands, and with so much happening in the world of EMPATHY right now, this feels like a good moment to touch base with it all.

Let’s take each book one at a time in order of release, shall we?

EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn (January 2019)

  • My editor at NineStar press is currently compiling her notes prior to beginning our first round of edits. The full editing process is to be completed by early December.
  • I’ve recently commissioned artist Maggie Derrick to draw character art for this book’s four point-of-view characters: art-school dropout Chandra, ruthless tech magnate Wyatt, naive—but ambitious—administrative assistant Ariel, and our relentless journalist, Meredith. If the artist’s name sounds familiar, it’s possibly because she did the character art for my debut novel, Accounting for It All! To take a look at her work for that book, you can visit this link.
  • I’m finalizing my notes for the creation of this book’s cover. This process entails writing a blurb for the back of the book, creating a tagline, and generally getting notes on my cover vision together so NineStar’s cover artist has a sense of the direction I’d like to take it.

EMPATHY: Mourning Dove (mid-2019)

  • Mourning Dove is currently out to my editor for assessment. The entire manuscript is written, though there’ll surely be a number of changes I’ll have to or want to employ after hearing from my editor and collecting my final beta reader’s feedback.

EMPATHY: Event Horizon (late 2019)

  • I’m currently writing this novel’s first draft. I’m just over 20,000 words (about 75 pages) in, but am taking a new approach to writing this draft when compared to previous books in the series. Rather than brute force my way through in the order the chapters will appear in the final book, I’m writing each point of view character’s entire arc before starting again with another character.

    In other words, rather than go from writing chapter one to two to three, etc., I’m going from one to three to seven to thirteen in order to keep all of the elements of each perspective character’s story fresh in my mind.

    To date, I’ve completed one out of twelve points of view, and have started with point of view two this week.


  • No, those aren’t the actual titles of the fourth and fifth installments in the series. Book four is (very) tentatively called Twilight Shadow, and five is (far less) tentatively known as Nightshade.
  • I know the general arc for every character in these two books, but the actual outlining of book four (let alone book five) won’t begin until the action in book three is more finalized. It’s important to know the little details that emerge in the drafting process of earlier books before “committing” to anything in an outline for the later installments.
  • The good news, though? Regardless of what details emerge in book three as I write it, the series’ final books are going to be the most action-packed in the series by far. *rubs palms together eagerly*

General Notes

Oh, and here’s something fun! New York Times bestselling author Matt Forbeck recently read an advance copy of Imminent Dawn, and called it “An incisive techno-thriller that gets more tense with every page. Campbell’s extrapolated vision of our hyper-connected future is all too real.”

So yeah—I felt pretty good about that.

There’ll be more to come in the coming months, but until then, you can keep your eyes on my Twitter feedmy Facebook, and Instagram for more. Thanks for reading.

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