Not Just Chips: the Brain-Computer Interface IRL

For this blog to focus on the brain-computer interface exclusively through the use of microchips seems reasonable at first glance. After all, EMPATHY itself is a nanochip installed directly in the brain.

But, as it turns out, the brain-computer interface is about more than chips; in our world, it consists of a robust number of approaches to unite brain and computer for the benefit of users.

In fact, Science Daily recently made mention of a number of non-chip-related solutions to the brain-computer interface, many of which appear promising where advances in the medical field are concerned. These, too, aren’t meant to be consumer products like EMPATHY, but rather tools to return some movement to those with paralysis as well as “restore limited vision” to the blind and “task-related” sensations to amputees.

How all of this relates to EMPATHY should be apparent: though these real world improvements don’t rely only on a single microchip to function, the core technology and intent to work toward some kind of brain-computer interface is the same.

In other words, we’re inching closer to the existence of EMPATHY-like technologies in our own world as we creep toward the release of the EMPATHY series as well.

Will technologies similar to EMPATHY be in widespread use when the first book in the series, Imminent Dawn, debuts in January 2019? Probably not. The implementation of these devices in our universe is still likely decades away—all the more reason to keep your eyes on this blog and get your hands on a copy of the book once preorders go live.

Thanks for reading.

Four people. One study. The brain implant to bind or destroy them all.

EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn debuts January 28th, 2019 from NineStar Press. For more, check out the book blurb here.

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