EMPATHY Series – December Updates

It’s been some time since I’ve done an overview of the status for the EMPATHY series‘ five books, and what better time to do this than the final month of the year?

With that in mind, let’s take each book one by one going chronologically by tentative release date.

Imminent Dawn

Book one, Imminent Dawn, is still set to debut January 28, 2019. My editor and I have just wrapped up with our content edits, which means the manuscript is now out for copyedits before it’s run through proofreading.

In case you missed it, I’ve also just released one of two book trailers for this title, with the second set to debut in January once preorders go live. Coming soon, we’ll also get to meet the book’s four perspective characters—art-school dropout Chandra, ruthless tech magnate Wyatt, advancement-hungry administrative assistant Ariel, and relentless investigative journalist Meredith.

In the near future, I’ll have more information about preorders and will also be running a giveaway or two, so stay tuned for that. I’ll also begin planning book launch parties—one in person and one online—so keep an eye on this blog, my Facebook page, or Twitter for more.

I’m also actively seeking reviewers for this book. If you’re a book blogger with an interest in epic science fiction, please let me know. I’d love to get you an ARC in exchange for an honest review on your site, blog, Goodreads, or some combination thereof.

Mourning Dove

This book is still out for evaluation by my editor, though we’re actively working on the book’s blurb with the goal of including it at the end of the published version of Imminent Dawn.

Considering Mourning Dove is scheduled for publication mere months after the release of Imminent Dawn, surely things will begin moving very quickly for this title in the coming months as well.

Event Horizon

I am actively writing the first draft of this book, which is due out in late 2019. I’m about 60,000 words into the manuscript, which is likely just short of halfway.

With twelve perspective characters, Event Horizon is by far the most challenging writing project I’ve taken on to date. With scenes taking place across five countries on three continents, its scope is vastly greater than either Imminent Dawn or Mourning Dove, and though the writing has generally gone well so far, the number of moving pieces are bound to trip me up eventually.

The good news? I’m still on target to meet the deadlines necessary to prevent a pushback of the publication timeline. The bad news? There’s a lot that could happen between now and late 2019 that could change that.


The primary update for the series’ fourth installment is that it now has a title (probably)! I’ve changed the title for book four more times than I can count, but I think this one will both capture the general goings-on in the book, as well as keep up the loose title structure I’ve got set up for the series as a whole.


I’ve known how the series ends for a long time, but the particulars of how everything will come together have been a bit harder to pin down—until recently, that is. After a series of “a-ha!” moments, I finally feel as though the plot’s particulars are coalescing in a way that will make for a smooth and satisfying finish to the EMPATHY pentalogy.

With the fourth and fifth installments not likely to see publication until 2020, much writing remains to be done, but I’m looking forward to translating the story from my head to my page over the course of the next two years.

For updates like these and more EMPATHY-related content, be sure to keep your eyes on this site, my newsletter, and my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds.

Thanks for reading.

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