Character Reveal: Meet Wyatt!

EID - Instagram - Wyatt Reveal
“Ruthless tech magnate Wyatt Halman has made it his life goal to oversee the implementation of EMPATHY, his internet-access brain implant. But when specters from his past haunt him and new demons emerge in the present, he’ll have to decide just how far he’s willing to go—and at what cost.”

Meet Wyatt, perspective character number two in EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn, which will debut January 28th, 2019 from NineStar Press.

The image’s caption gives us a peek into who he is and what he’s after, but what’s made him so determined, so ruthless? What is it from his past that disturbs him so deeply, and what emerges in the present to push him to the edge?

To find out, you’ll have to read about in Imminent Dawn, the first book in the epic EMPATHY sci-fi saga.

Until the book’s release, be sure to keep an eye on this blog for the remaining character reveals this week, and add the book to your “Want to Read” list on Goodreads!

And thanks, of course, to Maggie Derrick for the wonderful character art.

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