Character Reveal: Here’s Meredith!

EID - Instagram - Meredith Reveal
“After finally securing the tech story of a lifetime, relentless investigative journalist Meredith Maxwell must choose between her morals and her survival when her sleuthing runs afoul of the government’s designs.”

Ooh, look, this character has a dog! He goes by Woodward. Woodward is a good boy. The goodest boy, some might say.

Oh, but I suppose you want to know a bit about this character, too. Well, as the artwork and ensuing caption suggest, Meredith is a journalist who, after securing an extraordinary scoop from inside the secretive EMPATHY research compound, believes she’s finally got her career back on the right track.

But work and life can’t be all gumdrops and rainbows can they? So what is it Meredith does that puts her on the wrong side of oppressive government of the North American Union, and what, if anything, does she do to fight back while still chasing the story of a lifetime?

To find out, you’ll have to read about in Imminent Dawn, the first book in the epic EMPATHY sci-fi saga.

Until the book’s release, be sure to keep an eye on this blog for the remaining character reveals this week, and add the book to your “Want to Read” list on Goodreads!

And thanks, of course, to Maggie Derrick for the wonderful character art.

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