ICYMI: Appearance on WSUM

I had a blast visiting The Jimmy K Show on WSUM last night, where co-hosts Wheels, E-Dub, and Jimmy interviewed me about the brain-computer interface and Imminent Dawn!

The studio was as impressive as the hosts were hospitable, and I’d love to visit again sometime—or hey, be on the radio anywhere!

Though the interview only aired live (it won’t be possible to listen to it now), I thought I’d share a couple of photos we took before and during the session.

Co-host E-dub prepares in the studio before the Jimmy K Show begins.
image1 (1)
Oh, hey–it’s me saying things about Imminent Dawn!

After having had the chance to talk about this book, the technology within it, and the launch party for it, I’m more excited than ever to share this book with you on January 28, 2019!

For more about Imminent Dawn, you can read more on this site, or find the book on Goodreads, Amazon, or the NineStar Press page.

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