It’s Official: Imminent Dawn has a Sequel

Folks who follow me on Twitter and Instagram might have seen me tease this news last week with the below photo and some combination of “shh” emoji.

image1 (1)

But now I’m able to make it official—the sequel to Imminent Dawn will be published on April 8th, 2019!

Book two in the EMPATHY series, Mourning Dove, is, per its back cover description, “an evocative, sweeping symphony of love, revenge, and desperation in cacophonous times.”

Want to learn more? You can, but only if you’re willing to embrace spoilers. Before I copy and paste the full back-of-book content below, might I add you can already add Mourning Dove on Goodreads? But be careful! The book’s full description is listed there as well, which would be spoilery for sure.

Still haven’t picked up your copy of book one, Imminent Dawn, for your ereader or in print? You can find it at the below links.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | NineStar Press | Kobo | Smashwords | Goodreads

Tread carefully, dear reader! Book one spoilers follow below the break.

Mourning Dove

Book Blurb

In the aftermath of the calamitous Human/Etech research study, Chandra and Kyra struggle to reclaim the life they shared in a pre-EMPATHY world, while Ty, armed with knowledge of EMPATHY’s programming language, seeks revenge on the Halmans for the harm that’s befallen his friends.

As a North American Union investigation into the happenings on the compound looms, a grief-stricken Peter works to resurrect the memory of his mother from a harvested nanochip, and Heather scrambles to keep her family—and their company—together. Alistair, having abandoned the family business, plots to save his hide and that of his wife while she strives to stay one step ahead of a husband she has no reason to trust.

Far to the north amid civil unrest, a recently retired Rénald Dupont investigates the disappearance of his friend and former colleague, Meredith, despite grave threats from an increasingly skittish North American Union government.

As old and new foes emerge, spouse is further pit against spouse, brother against sister, and governments against their people. In the end, all must choose between attempts to reclaim the past or surrender to the inevitable, an intractable world of their own creation.

Mourning Dove is an evocative, sweeping symphony of love, revenge, and desperation in cacophonous times. It is the second installment in r. r. campbell’s epic EMPATHY sci-fi saga.

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