Review of Imminent Dawn in Evie’s Reveries!

Award-winning author and #writeLGBTQ host Evie Drae was kind enough to read and review Imminent Dawn! Not only that, but she loved it! Check out a sample of what she had to say below before reading the full review on her site.

… a rollercoaster of intrigue, suspense, and gorgeously crafted wonder.

The writing is beautiful and the world building is superb.

Wow! I’m so thankful Evie took the time to read the book and write this review. If you want in on the book Evie and other reviewers are raving about, you can find it at the below links. And don’t forget to preorder its sequel, Mourning Dove, while you’re at it!

Imminent Dawn

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | NineStar Press | Kobo | Smashwords | Goodreads | Author Website

Mourning Dove

NineStar Press (ebook) | Goodreads | Author Website (print)

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