Talking Timelines: The Simulation Point

It’s been a minute since we’ve explored the timelines on which we might see brain-computer interface (BCI) technology in use in our everyday lives, so let’s return to that topic now, specifically as it pertains to the creation of a realistic life simulator indistinguishable from reality.

In this article for Digital Trends, Rizwan Virk does an excellent job laying out the timeline on which we’ve seen advancements in the technologies that now form the basis for a possible simulation on par with that seen in 1999’s The Matrix. Over the course of his article, Virk lays out eleven steps that culminate in a full-blown simulation point, and he argues we’re already through step six.

It might be easy to swat this away by saying we’re merely past the halfway point, but one must consider how much more rapid advancements in technology have become over the course of the last two decades in particular. If we continue at this seemingly exponential growth rate, we could be well on time to see full immersion simulation technologies available before the year ~2100 timeline Virk establishes in his article.

With humans already making use of augmented reality, 3-D printing, and more, we’re advancing by leaps and bounds toward an inevitable end. Or who knows? Perhaps the simulation point isn’t the end at all, but rather another juncture at which we realize there might be boundaries left to be pushed that we can’t even imagine at this time.

In any event, the possibility of these seemingly accelerated timelines are among the reasons I chose to ground the EMPATHY series in a near future speculative world. Reviewers have noted that though more dystopian than our timeline, the commonplace technology in the world of EMPATHY is hardly more advanced than anything available at the consumer level now.

And that’s exactly how I wanted to portray it.

As we can see in Virk’s article (and the world unfolding around us), every year we grow closer and closer still to the simulation point, and with the EMPATHY brain implant reaching into steps seven through ten of Virk’s framework, their world, too, is growing ever closer to being able to generate a full-blown simulation, too.

Will the simulation point be achieved in our lifetimes or those of the EMPATHY universe’s characters? We’ll have to wait a lifetime for answers to the former, but you can begin reading about the latter now by checking out books one and two in the EMPATHY series today.

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