The Imminent Dawn Book Launch Party is Almost Here!

We're now one week from the book launch party for Imminent Dawn! Join me at the Goodman Community Center in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday, February 22, 2019 for a night featuring: a book signing readings from Imminent Dawn refreshments provided by the author the debut of a choose-your-own-destiny-style game, EMPATHY: Madrugada a raffle for a free print copy of Mourning… Continue reading The Imminent Dawn Book Launch Party is Almost Here!

Happy Book Birthday to Imminent Dawn!

Four people. One study. The internet-access brain implant to bind or destroy them all. Oh, and one awesome book birthday! Today's the day: Imminent Dawn is now available worldwide. And, as the first installment in the epic EMPATHY sci-fi saga, you'll want to get reading it now so you're prepared when book two, Mourning Dove, drops later this year. What… Continue reading Happy Book Birthday to Imminent Dawn!

We’re Going to Have a Party. A Book Launch Party!

It's official. the date, time, and venue for the in-person book launch for EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn have been decided. Full details follow, but if you plan on attending, you can find them all on the Facebook event page. Be sure to RSVP! The What  The book launch party for Imminent Dawn, book one of the EMPATHY series. The… Continue reading We’re Going to Have a Party. A Book Launch Party!

The Gang’s All Here

Imminent Dawn EMPATHY, Book One January 28th, 2019 from author r. r. campbell and NineStar Press * * * Add it to your "want to read" list on Goodreads. Check out the first trailer. Sign up for the author's newsletter for preorder information and updates about the official cover reveal, the release of the book's… Continue reading The Gang’s All Here

Character Reveal: It’s Ariel!

How far would you go to make a name for yourself? To earn the respect of others? To cover your own tracks after you realize you've made a mistake? These are the questions our fourth and final perspective character, Ariel, must confront in Imminent Dawn. But what mistakes does she make? What leads her to make… Continue reading Character Reveal: It’s Ariel!