Imminent Dawn and r. r. campbell on the WROTE Podcast

Fresh off an appearance on 91.7 WSUM, I took to the airwaves again when I joined WROTE Podcast co-hosts Vance Bastian and SA Collins to talk all things Imminent Dawn. Over the course of this interview, we explore the book, the technology behind it, and what, exactly, is meant by the episode title, "Quote-Unquote-Fun." Tune in… Continue reading Imminent Dawn and r. r. campbell on the WROTE Podcast

July Update – EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn

The EMPATHY series has been my primary focus since our last update, with the bulk of the work concentrated on actual writing and revisions. This is, of course, the foundation of all things writerly, and I continue to enjoy tweaking and rewriting parts of the first two books to make them that much more engrossing… Continue reading July Update – EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn

Science as Magic, Magic as Science

In episode eighteen of the r. r. campbell writescast, author Ryan Decaria imparts some of my favorite writescast wisdom of all time. Treat science as magic in science fiction, and magic as science in fantasy. -Ryan Decaria on the r. r. campbell writescast At the core of this quote lies a truth that may be difficult… Continue reading Science as Magic, Magic as Science